Give waiting children new shoes...and hope!

20,000 children are waiting right now for something you and I take for granted … shoes and socks.

Buckner International

700 N. Pearl St., Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75201
Ph: 214-758-8000

New shoes put children on the path to hope and a future.  For children, shoes mean:

• Health by protecting against disease and infection
• Education by lowering barriers to school attendance
• Hope by demonstrating worth and God’s love
• Opportunity by connecting families to Christ-centered ministry

This is why we are asking for your best gift today. For every pair of shoes you give, you open the door for a child to have a better future and hear about the love of Christ.

Please, give immediately – and help ensure every child waiting receives a new pair of shoes and a fresh dose of hope!

Thank you for your compassionate decision to provide shoes and socks for children living in poverty.

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